Almond plantation

We started planting almond trees to utilize our own areas in 2017. To begin with, we started the plantation at two locations: in the ”Bocsár” part of Balatonfüred and in the ”Bordoma” area of Pécsely. So far, we have planted a total of 330 trees of the well-proven Tétény varieties: the so-called ”Tétény hard-barked” and the ”Tétény rekord”.

Almonds are popular oil seeds that can be used in many ways. Oil can be pressed from it, it can also be used as flour for cakes, you can make almond milk from it and it is also very delicious as a toasted salted delicacy after blanching. Eating almonds stimulates brain function, has a good effect on bones, and is a food that can easily be included in a diet.

Almond trees are the most beautiful when they bloom.
Our video about this can be seen here:

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